Regaining child custody

The loss of child custody can be a very difficult experience for parents. However, it is not a situation that has to last forever. Many parents are able to regain their child custody rights. California parents who have lost custody of their children should understand that getting it back is possible but difficult, and they should take the necessary steps to get the custody decision reversed.

The first step in regaining custody is understanding why the family court judge decided it was best that the children be in the care of someone else. The judges are required to make decisions based on what is in the best interests of the children. Understanding the reasoning behind the custody decision can direct parents toward actions they need to take to have the decision reconsidered.

Parents seeking to regain child custody may benefit from hiring an attorney who has a history of winning child custody cases that are similar to theirs. The right attorney could be found by considering suggestions and recommendations from trusted family members and friends. Referrals may also be obtained from the local chapters of the Legal Aid Society or American Bar Association.

In many cases, the judge may have child custody reinstated if the parents take certain actions. Parents might be required to take parenting classes, go to counseling sessions or obtain treatment for alcohol or drug abuse. They should take the necessary steps to complete the actions as soon as possible as compliance can help them gain favor with the court.

A family law attorney may advise parents about what legal steps should be taken to regain their child custody rights. The attorney may advocate on behalf of parents during custody hearings and work to obtain favorable custody terms regarding parenting time.

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