What should you include in a parenting plan?

Going through a divorce is not simple. It has many different components and there are many elements you have to consider during the process. Perhaps one of the most important parts is figuring out how your family and kids are going to operate after you and your spouse are no longer together.

Many families opt to create a parenting plan in order to figure out child custody and a proper arrangement for their children. But what is a parenting plan and how do you create one that works for you and your kids?

What to put in a parenting plan

There are many elements you can put in a parenting plan. However, there are a few particularly important things you will want to include, such as:

  • A parenting schedule to determine where your children will live, during what times of the week or month and how they will get to and from each place.
  • What to do over holidays and vacations since many families want to create special arrangements for holidays such as birthdays, Christmas and vacation times. This can also include what to do if one parent wants to travel with your children.
  • What to do if one parent wants to make a chance to the schedule.
  • How the family will make important decisions such as issues relating to health, education and religion of the children, among other things.
  • How your children’s cost of living will be divided. This can also include how you want to pay for outside activities, gifts and even college tuition.

Other considerations to make

When you create this schedule, there are a few other points you might want to keep in mind. Since your children are the priority in this plan, you will want to make sure they are comfortable with the arrangements you are creating, within reason. You should also consider the logistics of the plan, such as transportation time and each parent’s individual schedule.

Getting a divorce can have a serious impact on your children, but creating a thoughtful parenting plan can help your kids ease into this transition with less stress and turmoil.

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