Divorce risk may be higher for men marrying ‘out of their league’

Some men in California believe they are lucky when they marry “out of their league” and tie the knot with women more attractive than themselves. However, there’s research suggesting men marrying more physically attractive women may have less committed wives, which may lead to a higher risk of divorce. A social psychology professor commenting on this topic further notes that couples are not on par with one another with physical attributes tend to have romantic relationships that aren’t all that successful.

An analysis of online dating information found that both men and women tend to pursue potential partners up to 25 percent more attractive physically than they are. In the grand scheme of things, however, research shows most men generally seek and maintain relationships with similarly matched individuals. But when mismatches in terms of attractiveness do occur, the divorce risk is higher. According to research, this is because women with less attractive mates are more likely to flirt.

More attractive women with less-attractive spouses aren’t necessarily less committed, but their significant others are more prone to being jealous. However, there is some good news for men who prefer more attractive spouses. One university study based on interviews with several couples found that men with more attractive significant others were “doing better” overall. The husbands in such relationships were generally happier and more devoted to their spouses. There’s additional research suggesting couples with physical appearance discrepancies may have more successful relationships if they shared a long, mutual friendship before they started dating.

Regardless of what leads to the end of a marriage, an attorney can provide assistance with asset division and other details typically covered in a divorce agreement. Even with a no-fault divorce where couples are generally in agreement, a lawyer can ensure important details aren’t overlooked during the transition back to single life.

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