Why joint custody is becoming more popular

Traditionally, mothers usually got sole custody of their kids after a divorce. However, over the past three decades, it has become more common for parents to share custody of their children. Generally speaking, most child custody cases in California and throughout the country start by assuming that joint custody rights are in the child’s best interest. In some cases, a parent may be entitled to legal custody without being granted physical custody rights.

When a parent has legal custody, they have the right to make medical, religious and other important decisions for the son or daughter. If a parent has physical custody, it means that the minor will live with them. There are many reasons why fathers are now more likely to get custody of a child than in previous years. One of the key reasons is that society is more accepting of divorce as it becomes more common.

Another key reason is that attitudes have changed about a father’s role in parenting a child. It is generally accepted that a father can do just as good of a job raising a son or daughter as a mother. However, research has shown that fathers who have college degrees and a higher net worth are more likely to seek custody rights.

Those who are seeking parental rights after a divorce may want to consult with an attorney. Legal counsel could help a client learn more about what they can do to show a judge that being involved in a son or daughter’s life is in the child’s interest. In some cases, a parent may need to move to a safer community or overcome a drug or alcohol problem to obtain custody or visitation rights.

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