Why an old calendar is helpful in child custody cases

As soon as the new year starts, one of the first things that many California residents do is throw away their old calendar and put up a new one. However, this may not be the best move to make if a person is considering filing for a divorce and wants custody of their children.

As a person goes through the divorce process and tries to get custody of their children, it is easy to experience brain fog. An old calendar can prove helpful when it comes to establishing dates and times and helping to jog a person’s memory as far as when certain events took place, how much money was spent and how much time each parent spent with the children.

In a custody action, a judge will want a parent to replicate their child’s schedule, including sporting events, parties and visits to medical professionals. This information helps a judge to grasp how much time each parent spends with the child and how much it costs to raise the child.

It is one thing for a parent to say that they spend a lot of time taking their child to visit a medical professional, but it is much different and better to have specific dates and the dollar amount paid each time a visit was made. The same is true when it comes to proving that a parent regularly deviates from an intended parenting schedule, which could increase or decrease child support.

An attorney may help a parent who is interested in filing for divorce and wants to know about their parental rights. The attorney may answer questions about parenting schedules and child custody and help their client draw up documents and file them. If it is necessary, the attorney might represent a client in court to argue for their fitness as a parent.

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