Emotional affairs can lead to divorce

When people think about an affair that ends a marriage, they often turn to thoughts of one that’s physical. That is certainly one type, but some marriages end because of an emotional affair. In these affairs, there might not be physical contact, but there is a definite connection that the two people have with each other.

The issue with an emotional affair is that the married individual begins to turn to that affair partner for support. They might be unhappy in their marriage, so they don’t want to bring issues to their spouse. While some people might think that this is just normal, it is a huge deal for some married individuals.

One of the issues that comes up in an emotional affair is that it can easily turn sexual. Having the chemistry and connection are often very strong. While it is possible that some marriages can survive an emotional affair if the person gives up that partner, others won’t last.

In some instances, particularly for women, learning that their spouse had an emotional affair is more disheartening than a physical affair. They liken the emotional connection to love more than what they do physical attraction.

It’s imperative that anyone who’s dealing with an emotional affair carefully consider what’s going to happen to their marriage. If you know that the marriage is over because it was irreparably damaged, you need to take steps to protect yourself during the divorce. It’s unlikely that the affair will have much impact on what happens but you should do what you can to ensure that you walk away with the settlement you deserve.

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