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San Mateo County Spousal Support Lawyer

Spousal support — often still referred to as alimony or palimony — is often the most emotional dispute in a divorce or a non-marital relationship contract in California. Surprisingly, spouses often fight more over spousal maintenance than they will over custody of the children.

California law includes some specifics about when spousal support may be awarded on a temporary or permanent basis. But the law also allows room to argue special circumstances. Understanding how specific judges in specific counties rule on support obligations is a critical part of a successful outcome. And that is why your lawyer’s experience will be so important.

I am family law attorney Oliver Gutierrez, based in Redwood City, California. For 13 years, I have been aggressively representing people in divorce litigation involving alimony disputes in San Mateo County and surrounding counties throughout the Bay Area. Whether you are fighting for a fair support award or trying to protect your financial interests from an unfair alimony judgment, I am ready to work hard on your behalf.

When Does Spousal Support Start?

Some form of spousal support may be negotiated to be included as part of a formal separation agreement, to be in effect (and enforceable) during the minimum waiting time before the divorce becomes final, typically at least six months. The terms of the support may or may not remain the same following the divorce judgment.

Temporary Spousal Support

Many people still think of alimony as a monthly payment obligation to a former spouse, continuing indefinitely until the spouse dies or remarries. While that type of support award is still on the books, it is typically reserved for divorces in which one spouse will suffer a severe financial disadvantage after a long-term marriage. California courts actually have several options for awarding spousal support to one spouse.

In cases of marriages less than 10 years, temporary support may be awarded to a spouse who left the workforce in order to be a full-time homemaker or be a caretaker for a child or elderly parent. The temporary support may be limited to paying living expenses during a job training program or returning to college for a degree necessary to re-enter the workforce.

When deciding the amount of spousal support, courts will hear evidence regarding the financial circumstances of both parties.

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