Child support: what costs do these payments cover?

If you have been awarded child support in your divorce, are you afraid that you may spend the payments on something that is considered “out of bounds/” Do you know what you can spend that money on? And are you afraid of running afoul of certain guidelines with your child support?

Allow us to assuage any of those fears right now. Child support payments are not watched by a court or judge, at least so long as no litigation or legal action is taken after the fact that shows improprieties with the payments. Initially, you will not be required to prove how you spend child support payments.

With that in mind, you obviously should not misuse your child support payments. There are many pertinent costs that it can cover.

For example, you child needs a bevy of basic things, right? Child support helps pay for food and shelter, as well as clothing and utilities for your home. These basic necessities will never be questioned.

Child support also covers a wide variety of important life activities for your child. These include educational costs (such as tuition and school supplies), sports, clubs, extracurricular activities and physical activities.

Your kids will also get sick every now and then, so child support can be used to pay for medical expenses. And for those moments when some entertainment is needed, your child support can pay for movies, internet access, and even video game systems.

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