Get What You Need With Post-Judgement Modifications

It is a huge relief to finally get a divorce settled with the appropriate parenting and spousal support agreements in place. A couple of years down the road, however, the settlement that you negotiated may need modification.

Don’t Struggle

Don’t struggle with terms that no longer fit your current lifestyle or change arrangements with a word of mouth agreement with your ex-spouse. Both of these approaches can set you up for possible non-compliance with your current settlement. You can do the right thing and change your divorce agreement legally through the modification process. Here are the elements of your settlement that a modification can optimize.


Have you passed up some great job opportunities because of the requirement to remain in the area where your ex-spouse and children live? A modification can help you move on with your life and take your career to the next level.

Child And Spousal Support

If you have experienced a downturn in income and are unable to keep up your child or spousal support payments, a modification can be the answer that provides you economic relief yet keeps you compliant with the law to provide support.

Co-Parenting Schedule

As children grow, their needs rapidly change right along with their schedules. Between that and their parents possibly having new partners, it is common for co-parenting schedules to need modification as the years go by. Rather than play the re-scheduling by ear and risk a misunderstanding with your ex-spouse, going through a formal modification process keeps everyone on the same page and keeps expectations consistent.

The significant changes in your life warrant modification and the California judicial system has a legal process in place to address them. Since informal changes to your divorce judgment will not be accepted in court, your best option is to go through the official process, so you’re not held in contempt of court.

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