Equality and communication could insulate couples from divorce

When couples in California marry, they generally anticipate a long life together. However, adapting to changing circumstances as the years go by could strain a marriage. Ideally, future partners will discuss how to share responsibilities like household chores, financial management and child care before getting married. Spouses should accept themselves as equal decision-makers and be willing to speak up when adjustments are necessary in the home or at work.

Otherwise, people might stick to the roles that they established at the beginning of marriage and react negatively if something changes. For example, one study concluded that traditional gender roles between spouses early in marriage increased the possibility of divorce if the woman eventually began earning more money than the man. Men resented the change to the relationship’s status quo.

A divorce attorney who has seen this situation firsthand on multiple occasions said that some husbands attempt to exert more control when the wife’s career advances. Retaliatory behaviors such as making accusations about affairs or assuming all financial decisions created marital unhappiness. When spouses experience tension because of changing dynamics, they might have a chance to work past their disputes by openly discussing how to reassign tasks like grocery shopping or caring for children.

For some couples, attempts to repair relationships fail and divorce becomes the next step. A spouse preparing to end a marriage might wish to discuss the process with an attorney. Legal information about property division, child support or spousal support could help a future ex understand how divorce might affect finances and access to children. With legal representation, a spouse might achieve a divorce settlement that meets financial needs and honors parental rights.

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