Can social media hurt me during my divorce?

In today’s age, social media plays an important role in virtually every aspect of our lives. It can be a blessing and a curse.

Like everything else, social media can factor into your divorce and divorce proceedings. Here are a few ways your social media and online presence can affect your divorce:


Any messages you send or receive are admissible in court. Emails, social media messages and text messages can all be gone through and brought as evidence in your divorce both by you and your ex-spouse.

It may help to go think through any messages you plan on sending in any form to make sure they don’t reflect negatively on you. This means you should not include financials, financial plans or other incriminating words in your messages so they cannot be used against you.

Photos and posts

All photos you post on any social media site or send through email or text messages are also admissible in court.

Like with your messages, you should be careful what you post. Even deleted posts can still exist somewhere on the web or possessed by people you shared them with.

In some cases, a court can compel you to share private or hidden photos and posts, too.

It can be helpful to you to carefully vet each post and message you send online. These are just a few ways social media can play a role in your divorce, among others. Social media can be an asset to you in everyday life but it can also hurt you in court.

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