Don’t get held in contempt of court; Modify child custody legally

Circumstances have changed and you really want to spend more time with your child. The issue is your former spouse made it difficult. Even worse, you must obey a court order.

Perhaps you feel the current agreement is no longer right for your situation. That is understandable. You may have a new job or reside in a location closer to your child. With any of these changes, the needs of individuals change. When children get older, that is another change all within itself. Inevitably, your child’s needs are different from what they were years ago, when the court ordered the original arrangements.

It makes sense that you want to change your child custody and visitation arrangements. However, it is not wise to make arrangements on your own without seeking approval from the court. When there is a court order detailing your specific arrangements it is legally binding. Deviating from a court-ordered agreement is serious. In California, this disobedience may lead to being held in contempt of court.

Benefits of pursuing modification

The good news is it is possible to legally change the court order arrangements. You can pursue modification. This may be a difficult task, and it may not sit well with your former spouse. However, if you can prove to the court there is significant cause for child custody and visitation modification, you may get the outcome you desire. Here are some reasons a court may consider custody modification:

  • New job for a parent
  • Child’s personal interest
  • Moving to a different location
  • Conflicts with abuse either domestic or sexual abuse in an environment surrounding the child
  • Parent’s influence over a child
  • A parent violating current court order for child custody and visitation

Like most challenging situations, the process takes time but the payoff may be worth it.

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