One major sign that divorce may be imminent

For couples in healthy relationships, spending time together brings about a sense of hope and happiness. Even on very difficult days, coming home is something that happy spouses look forward to. When married couples in California lose this hope, it’s one of the biggest signs that they may be headed for a divorce. Hopelessness in a marriage is often characterized by a feeling that nothing can be done to save the relationships, and this is often true.

According to a study from the University of Washington in 1992, feelings of hopelessness and depression are the primary signs that a marriage is heading toward a divorce. The study showed that couples who reported the greatest amount of hopelessness at the beginning of the research had the biggest chance of being divorced three years later. Some of the couples in the study who got divorced reported that they initially went into marriage with unrealistic expectations.

Many couples therapy professionals believe that the long-term success of a marriage is highly correlated with how much the partners are willing to invest into the relationship. When a spouse feels indifference rather than anger or other intense feelings, they are less likely to spend the energy needed to keep a relationship healthy.

A spouse who feels that divorce is inevitable may benefit from the guidance of a lawyer. A hopeless marriage does not necessarily indicate a hostile separation, but each partner should protect their own parental and financial rights. It’s the responsibility of an attorney to be an advocate for the client whether their case is resolved in or out of court.

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