Co-parenting mistakes with teens

Divorced parents who are raising teenagers have a lot to think about. Teenagers come with all the problems of adolescence and it can be easy for former California couples to make mistakes when it comes to co-parenting. Among the biggest mistakes parents make are failing to share information, cutting off communication, and failing to coordinate.

Because teenagers are growing up and developing independence and communication skills of their own, many parents assume the offspring will communicate issues with the other parent. This is a dangerous assumption though, as the child might be a totally different person with one parent than with with other. For this reason, divorced parents should maintain regular communication about the kids.

Communication with an ex-spouse can be difficult and emotionally taxing. It is important to maintain direct lines of communication though, and not to rely on the kid to deliver messages. That tactic can put too much pressure on a teenager and it can lead to messages not being delivered or being delivered late.

Failing to coordinate with the other parent can cause problems too. It is common for teenagers to get their drivers’ licenses, which can give them freedom, but it’s a freedom teens can abuse. Divorced parents should coordinate with one another so they know what’s happening in the kid’s life.

For people who have questions about co-parenting, an attorney might be able to help. An attorney who practices family law may be able to help secure a post-judgment modification of an existing custody and visitation arrangement if the age of the child makes the original order untenable.

Source: Your Tango, ““6 Mistakes Divorced Couples Make When Co-Parenting Teens”“, Karen Finn, May 16, 2019

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