How long will it take to move on after my divorce?

Going through the divorce process is different for everyone. Until you have actually gone through it yourself, you might not know what to expect at all. The process is varied and can be complicated.

One of the main questions you might have beforehand is, how long is it going to take? When can I finally move on? Unfortunately, this answer varies, too.

However, there are a few guidelines that may help give you an idea of how long the divorce process is going to take.

Basic rules

In California, there is a mandatory time period for a divorce. There is a six-month waiting period, which means that your divorce must take at least six-months to finalize.

If your case is relatively simple, this may be all it takes. However, some divorces take much longer.


The first step of a divorce is filing or serving a petition for divorce. Then comes the waiting period followed by the discovery period. During this time you and your soon-to-be-ex have to figure out how to settle your divorce.

Figuring out how to divide your assets and create a child custody plan, among other issues, can take a long time. If you decide to go to court and arbitrate, this can take even longer.

This period of the divorce process can vary largely, aside from the mandatory waiting period of six months. It is up to you and your spouse to figure out how quickly this process will take.

After you have sorted out and agreed on a settlement, you have to officially file the divorce in court record. Then you will be issued a Final Judgment Divorce Certificate. Only after this can you officially move on.

However, moving on after a divorce, mentally and emotionally also can take time, depending on your situation.

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