Planning makes custody transitions easier on everyone

The implementation of a child custody plan can be as hard on the parents as it is on the children. For parents in California who are moving toward a new child custody arrangement, there are a few things to keep in mind that can prepare the whole family for the transition. Among the most important things are giving the children enough notice, communication between the parents and setting the kids’ expectations.

Giving the children sufficient notice is important as they need to what they can expect during the drop-off and pick up. The more detail that can be conveyed, the better. Kids do better if they have a detailed account of what to expect. For example, if the father will drop off the kids but not come inside the mother’s home, that can be conveyed to the kids so it’s not a big deal when the drop off happens.

Communication between the parents is as important or more important than communication with the children. The parents should have as detailed a plan as possible, including who is picking up the kids, where the pickup will happen and when. When it comes to setting the children’s expectations, it’s a good idea to try to get them a bit excited to spend time with the other parent. The parents should try to view the custody transitions from the perspective of the kids and let them know the parent will be alright while they’re gone. Kids worry about parents too.

People in California who are approaching or going through a divorce might want to meet with an attorney. An attorney who practices family law might be able to help by developing a plan for child custody or by negotiating the terms of property division with the other spouse. An attorney might also draft and file the petition for divorce or argue on the client’s behalf during official proceedings.

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