Steps to take after an ex has filed for child custody

Relationships can be complicated, especially when children are involved. California residents who have child custody on their mind, particularly when an ex-partner has started the custody process, may wonder what they can do. Here are a few things that can help an individual whose ex-spouse is filing for custody.

The first step a person should take is learning about child custody laws in their state. While each jurisdiction is going to differ when it comes to how decisions are specifically made, all courts are going to look at what is best for the children and the relationship between the parents and the children when it comes to determining who will be granted custody of the children.

Some individuals decide to represent themselves in court when working to get custody of their children. Courts have legal aid offices on site and Pro Se help lines that are designed to assist those who do not have an attorney to represent them in court. A person can get in touch with the local family court and find out about the details of how they would file for custody without a lawyer.

Working with a qualified family lawyer, though, offers many benefits. The lawyer’s job would be to gather documentation that would be necessary to file paperwork and to guide their client as matters regarding child support, visitation and custody arise. A person would want a lawyer who has experience in family law and thoroughly understands the custody process.

When a person finds out that their ex-spouse is filing for custody of their children, it can make them feel a lot of anxiety. A family law attorney may be able to answer questions regarding parental rights, visitation, parenting schedules and other matters related to child custody. The attorney may help their client file the appropriate paperwork and prepare for their day in court.

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