Technology can help parents in strained custody situations

After parents get a divorce and decide custody, the next and often most challenging task is implementing the new parenting plan. For couples who share joint custody – physical, legal or a combination of the two – it can be challenging to co-parent with a former spouse and maintain a civil, cooperative dynamic.

For the sake of your children and the entire familial unit, divorced co-parents in California may need to seek additional resources and assistance to handle their shared parental responsibilities. To help lessen the tensions and potential burdens of shared parenting, consider turning to technological tools.

A digital solution to co-parenting woes

With the ever-expanding presence of technology and social media in a person’s everyday life, it should come as no surprise that there are tech resources designed for almost every subject. This includes managing a co-parenting relationship. Apps and websites such as Our Family Wizard, 2Houses, Cozi and others offer an all-inclusive resource for parents to manage their shared responsibilities in a low-impact manner.

When former married couples have to continue lines of communication as co-parents, it can be difficult for some to put aside past issues and focus on the task at hand. A breakdown in communication can be detrimental to the success and wellbeing of the children involved, so resources to minimize this issue are viable options for many former spouses.

Each service offers a version of the same general list of features, typically including:

  • An in-app messaging system
  • Expense reports
  • Shopping lists
  • Shared calendars accessible to parents and also children
  • Secure storage for medical, educational and other pertinent records for each child
  • Appointment and event reminders

While an app can’t solve the underlying issues of a tense co-parenting relationship, it may be able to simplify the process and keep all parties focused on the important tasks instead of unrelated issues.

Managing shared custody

Sharing custody of children with a former spouse can be a challenging aspect of life after divorce. There is no comprehensive guidebook for managing this new dynamic because every family is unique in their needs and personality types. While shared parenting can be challenging, it is ultimately crucial that parents devise a workable strategy for their situation.

Even after a difficult and hurtful marriage, parents may often need to figure out a new, civil dynamic for co-parenting. Consider some of the resources available to your family as you navigate this new situation and seek the best options to guarantee success for children and parents alike.

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