Factors to consider when settling or going to court in a divorce

In a California divorce, a decision that must be made is whether to settle the case through negotiation or to move forward with a trial. The circumstances will frequently dictate which is the preferable option. Understanding various aspects of each is beneficial.

In general, the following four aspects should be considered: time, money, stress and outcome. When people divorce, they might not realize how time-consuming it can be. Most divorces in court take at least a year. Settling will take much less time. A trial will include meeting with an attorney for preparation and court appearances. A settlement is useful as it allows the spouses to move on. Obviously, if the negotiations are not fruitful, a trial could be needed.

Financially, a divorce can cost a significant amount of money. With attorney fees and trial costs, bills can mount. There are variables that will dictate how much a divorce will set a person back, but it could easily reach up to $10,000 or more. A settlement is generally less expensive. In addition, stress is an inherent aspect of a divorce. Anticipation and worry as to how the court will decide on various issues can be draining.

A settlement can assist in maintaining some level of control over the outcome. A divorcing couple will have certain things they want in the settlement. If they can discuss each issue and be reasonable, it can prevent acrimony. That includes child custody, child support, property division, spousal support and more. Going to court will leave the decision in the hands of the judge. Regardless of the evidence, it is difficult to know how any divorce case will turn out. Having legal assistance may be critical. A law firm experienced in all areas of divorce might help in a court case or in settlement negotiations.

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