Are you worried about a slow divorce process?

Making the decision to end a marriage rarely comes easy. Even if you know that divorce would best suit your needs and likely even the needs of your spouse, it can still be complicated to come to this life-altering decision. Of course, once you do make the choice, you likely want to get the process over with as soon as possible.

When it comes to marriage dissolution, every case is different, which means that the length of time it takes to complete the process is also different. Fortunately, you may have the ability to help your case move along smoothly, but you may also want to prepare for certain factors that could cause delays in the proceedings.

What could slow down your case?

Though you may have to make numerous decisions during your case, you will not have control over every aspect. In fact, you may have days where you do not feel in control at all. As a result, it may help to anticipate some of those possible bumps along the way, such as:

  • Processing time for documents: Your legal counsel and your spouse’s legal counsel will need time to draft and file documents, and you will also have to wait on the judge to review, process, and approve or deny certain paperwork and requests.
  • Having kids: Though you may love your children more than anything, your divorce can take longer if you have to go through child custody proceedings, and if you and the other parent cannot agree to terms, the court will have to take the time to assess the circumstances and come to a decision.
  • Having complex assets: If you have a considerable amount of wealth or unusual assets, your property division proceedings may face delays for valuations and appraisals.
  • Not agreeing with your soon-to-be ex: If you and your spouse can agree to terms, your case may move more quickly. However, if the two of you constantly argue, and compromise is highly unlikely, it will probably take more time to complete your case.

Still, you do not have to resign yourself to a grueling process. You may be able to take steps to help move your case forward, such as having necessary paperwork in order and attending to your attorney’s requests for information promptly. Divorce can certainly take a lot out of anyone,  but playing an active role in your case may make a considerable difference in outcomes.

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