Don’t forget these 3 assets during your divorce

You’re divorcing, and it’s something you’ve known was going to happen for quite a while. Now, all you want to do is to make sure you get the most out of your divorce.

In California, you’re meant to divide your marital assets 50-50, but to do that, you need to find them all. There are a few different kinds of assets that people tend to forget when they’re working on a property division agreement. If you want to get as much financial support as you can, don’t miss these.

1. Capital loss carryovers

The first thing to look for is a capital loss carryover. You’ll need to check your tax return for this. If the loss happened while you were married, then it needs to be addressed when you are making your divorce settlement.

2. Benefits from past employers

Some people retain benefits from past employers such as stocks, retirement accounts and deferred compensation plans. Make sure you talk about benefits that your spouse may be entitled to.

3. Memorabilia or collections

Whether it’s antique furniture or old Beanie Babies, you’re going to want to have memorabilia and collections assessed and given a value before you finalize your divorce. It’s particularly important to divide the value of items that are in your homeowner’s insurance policy, since they are generally worth a fair amount of money.

These are just three of many assets that tend to be forgotten during divorce negotiations. It’s smart to talk to your attorney about commonly missed assets so that you can look for them and determine if you deserve a share.

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