Staying off social media is wise during a divorce

During a major change in life, especially one that could be negative, many people want to reach out to friends and family for support. These days, what better way to do that than through social media? Of course, if you are going through a divorce, you may want to remember that your social media activity could come back to haunt you.

It can be difficult to refrain from social media activity because it has become such a significant part of most people’s daily lives, but if you need support during this time, it may be better to make phone calls or meet up with friends or family members who you can talk to and better ensure the privacy of your conversations.

Why social media silence?

Even if you do not think you are doing anything incriminating, individuals can easily use social media posts out of context. A friend might invite you for a night out or weekend away to help you take a break and relax, but if you post photos in a luxurious location, those photos could be used as evidence that your financial situation is more than stable and that you have extra funds that could contribute to alimony or spousal support.

Additionally, your “private” venting or rants could end up discussed in court as well. Even if you have your accounts set to private, someone could share the posts with your soon-to-be ex or otherwise expose your statements. If your words were angry or threatening, it would not bode well for you and your case, especially if they contradict a statement you gave in court or bring your character into question.

Protect your interests

Though staying away from social media entirely would likely work in your best interests, it may feel difficult to maintain that kind of social separation. If you do feel the need to check social media, post as little as possible and definitely avoid posting photos that could come across as incriminating. You should also avoid sending messages to your ex and sharing information that could later prove detrimental.

Protecting your interests is an important part of your divorce. If you want more information about how social media could affect your case, you should discuss the matter with a knowledgeable California attorney. Your legal counsel could guide you in ways to avoid social media mishaps as well as other actions that could impede your case.

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