Coparenting with a narcissist is hard, but you can do it

You have kids with your ex-spouse, but you have a very hard time coparenting. Your ex is narcissistic and frustrating to talk to. They think that everything is about them and that every comment or suggestion you make is intended to undermine them.

How can you cope with such a frustrating situation with your ex-spouse when your children are involved? It starts with understanding how to communicate better.

To start with, you should set boundaries about communication. You should have set times to communicate, set methods of communication and other rules in place. If you have trouble with arguments and conflicts, you may want to ask for court-monitored communications, which may reduce the likelihood of harassing or aggressive comments.

A custody plan is essential

Another step to take is to have a quality, detailed custody arrangement put into place. You should have every detail you can think of written out, including who is going to pay for medical costs, who picks up or drops off your children and other information that factors into your agreement.

Finally, know that arguing with someone who is narcissistic won’t help you resolve conflicts. Instead, stay calm and collected. Do what is in the best interests of your children, and if a conflict gets out of hand, you can pursue action through the court when necessary.

Our website has more information on coparenting after you divorce. It isn’t always going to be easy to coparent, but if you put your children first, then you can be happy with the steps you’re taking to promote a conflict-free relationship.

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